Meet The Murder

Hello and thank you very much for checking out Curious Crow Gifts. We're so glad to see you. Let me introduce you to the team -

A self portrait featuring Jac, the maker, wearing sunglass with chains.

Whoa, that's me!

     Howdy, my name is Jac (they/them) and I am the maker behind Curious Crow Gifts. I also go by Beadle! I don't know about you but I have always been the odd duck. I never quite understood what was different about me until I started learning about AuDHD and since then it has been a wild ride meeting myself all over again. I started creating chains for my own self expression and over time was convinced enough that I should try to share these with others. So here I am, rambling off to you. Thank you for stopping by; here, let me think of some fun facts about myself that you can take with you on your journey... Hmm, my sense of smell is very strong, I've seen and/or read Jurassic Park too many times and my dream anti-capitalist life is to be someone like Radagast the Brown out in the woods hanging out with all the flora and fauna.


An aerial image of a calico cat, Puggy, looking up at the camera from laying in a cat bed

Pugsley, aka Puggy - Studio Assistant

   Puggy is born with talent, it sheds off of her more than her own tortiude hair. She runs with full speed to grab any and all materials I may need and then runs right back to the kibby bowl - talk about hardworking and reliable! Her vocals are reminiscent of an angry 90's cigarette mom yelling at me to get off of something, but the love in her eyes only screams bliss. Puggy is also very camera friendly and is prominently featured on curiouscrowgift's tiktok, in case you want to see how cute it is when she flops around looking for tummy pets.


A tuxedo cat, Wednesday, peeking out from above a reusable shopping bag

Wednesday, Wennie, Quality Control

   Wednesday is our highest level of defense when it comes to making sure only orders that are complete, double checked and bundled with love are making it out our doors! This night goose is usually quite shy to those who are not the humans of the house, but she is always prepared with a plan. Wennie will insist on sniffing most packages for approval and sometimes even helps Jac choose which surprise stickers go into your order. Wennie works long hours, paid generously in both snuggles and treats, but she enjoys spending time with her family where she feels safe and helpful. She spends her free time in the voids, dark shadows and underneath couches but the stories she brings back from her indoor travels are awesome!